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An artist, writer, poet with flair:



  • Paintings (original & quality copies) in acrylic on framed canvasses of trees in daylight, -sunrise & -sunsets as well as night scenes. Very African, naive, colorful & delightful, descriptive…ubuntu!  Ideal for modern houses, corporate board rooms, hotel’s, game lodges in tourism industry, etc



  • Paintings on ceramics cooking pots, fruit bowls. Useable in microwave ovens
  • Paintings on glass with wooden box and lighting for bars, kiddie’s rooms & wind chimes…
  • Paintings on stained lead glass, silk screen printing, material like cotton (soon to be announced!)
  • Paintings on calendars, note pads, re-usable table cloths, greeting cards etc
  • Photographs of paintings in various house settings




  • Poems about a women’s love, flowers, trees, mountain ranges, the Serengeti & lake Nakuru with flamingoes in Kenya, Richtersveld and succulents called ‘halfmens’  (Pachypodium namaquanum)
  • Poems & paintings quality books / posters for office display
  • Poetry bundles in Afrikaans, English, indigenous African languages with a glass of red wine and a fire for your loved one…(recently poems translated into German)
  • Poetry available on quality audio CD’s
  • Poetry written for occasions i.e. weddings / anniversaries / birthdays / 1st born / sickness
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